Flowers in the Scagliola Cabinet, Solitude Palace

Apartment for important guestsThe basement level

In addition to the main floor of Solitude Palace, with its ducal living quarters and representational rooms, other floors are also worth a visit. On the basement level, there are large apartments that may have been used for important guests. The historic rooms give a glimpse into the mercurial history of Solitude Palace.

Front view of the garden side of Solitude Palace

Solitude Palace has a symmetrical design.

Baroque symmetry

The central axis of the palace lies precisely on the axis of the Solitudeallee avenue. The arched passage to the basement level in turn lies exactly at the center of the palace and forms the entrance to the apartment on the basement level. It is designed as a large oval room with four pillars and massive foundation walls that bear the White Hall and its cupola above. The walls are decorated with reliefs that depict the glory of war and the arts in the form of trophies.

Loggia room in Solitude Palace

The loggia room is part of the apartment.

Fashionable rooms for important guests?

The passageway to the center of the palace divides the basement level into two large areas, the east of which is now the cash office. Originally, there was an apartment here, likely since 1771, consisting of a loggia room, two cabinets, a bedroom, a vestibule, and two rooms with cloth-covered walls. The east side of the basement level is divided quite similarly, though it is less magnificently decorated. To date, it cannot be conclusively determined whether these apartments were used for guests.

Be sure to look for the bronze panel with the survey point! In the 19th century, Solitudeallee avenue was a basis line for the national land measurement in Württemberg.

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