Solitude Palace

Solitude Palace, aerial view
Travel back in time
Solitude Palace, people in costume
Solitude Palace, marble hall
Feel the enchantment

Solitude Palace (Schloss Solitude) is Duke Carl Eugen's most ambitious and most personal creation. An impressive architectural ensemble and spectacular views make it exceptional.


Solitude Palace Stuttgart, White HallThe White HallThe ceremonial center of Solitude Palace
The White Hall - The ceremonial center of Solitude Palace
Ceiling painting inside the palace chapel of Solitude PalaceThe palace chapelAn elegant hall for prayer
The palace chapel - An elegant hall for prayer
View of Solitude PalaceThe cupolaClose to the sky
The cupola - Close to the sky
Detail of the ceiling painting in the White Hall depicting the welfare of WürttembergThe ceiling paintingDedicated to the welfare of the country
The ceiling painting - Dedicated to the welfare of the country


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